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  ·   By Jim Miller, San Diego Free Press

Working People’s Day of Action: February 24 from 3:30-5 p.m. at Convention Center Park

This coming Saturday, thousands of workers, along with their families, friends, and allies in the community, will gather in San Diego to stand up for the rights of working Americans in the face of the impending Janus vs AFSCME decision by the Supreme Court that aims further rig the system against us.  Against this assault, we will continue to insist on our right to form strong unions, raise our collective voice, and fight for equitable pay, affordable health care, civil rights, strong communities, and quality public education for all.  

As public sector unions confront the threat of Janus, it is important to remember that fifty years ago Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. went to Memphis to support striking city sanitation workers.  By the time of his assassination, King had come to see that it was impossible to fight for civil rights without including economic rights.  The battle for racial equality was inextricably linked to the fight for economic opportunity.

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