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  ·   By Wilson Humphrey, Columbus Dispatch

Letter: Rally to support a strong union

I am proud of the vital services I provide to my community as a juvenile-corrections officer. As a public employee, the work that I do is not always seen or recognized, but I do it every day because I know I serve a vital role in our community. That is why I am going to the Statehouse in Columbus on Feb. 24. On that day, working people and our allies will stand together to demand an end to the rigged economy and to defend our freedoms in the face of unprecedented threats to our ability to join together in union.

Wealthy special interests have advanced a legal case at the Supreme Court to rig the economy even more in their favor with a case called Janus v. AFSCME Council 31. The forces behind this case simply do not believe that working people should have the same freedoms and opportunities as they do.

For our part, people from across Ohio will be there to rally in support of freedom for working people and against these attacks that result in too many Americans working harder and longer for less. We are standing up for the freedom of working people to come together to build a strong union and fight for fair and equitable pay for our work, affordable health care, quality schools, vibrant communities and a secure future for all of us.

Wilson Humphrey

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